Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The most rubbish superpower ever

Okay, so barring a super-late entry from Roland maybe, it looks like we're done for this round. If you're still working on David and Goliath, we'd still like to see em! So post em up! :)
Anyway, next is my turn to come up with a brief:
I've been watching a lot of Heroes on TV, which features people who can fly, heal their wounds, stop time, walk through walls and hear other's thoughts. But then there's this guy whose 'superpower' is to generate radioactive nuclear explosions from his body that he can't even seem to control. His power is basically to blow himself up. :/

So it got me thinking, what would be....
The most rubbish superpower ever?

You've got fourteen nights to let us all know. GO GO GO!

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