Friday, June 27, 2008

Crashed escape pod

I should mention at this point that this is a good thing, before my spaceship was like Waller's, a lumbering, relentless, empty monolith, and I still like those kind of space cruisers, but my escape pod jettisoned accidentally and crashed with no means of escape on this weird planet of tiny puckish imps.


Andrew Oakley said...

VERY nice Paul!

paul said...

cheers andy, i changed the colour way again sorry, I just rush them when ive only got my lunch hour. but Ali's out for the night and so what better way of spending a saturday night eh? Wacom nights, thats a good name for a blog.

Darren said...

Hello Paul, Darren of Garrett, Earl of Littleloud here. I love this one. Love it love it love it. So much in fact that I feel sick with jealousy. Next time we meet I shall have to bash your fingers to a tiny pulp with a rusty hammer.

I'll feel better then.